The ‘Universal’ will add a strong design feature to your garden. Whether you have a natural or contemporary garden this outdoor building will fit right in!


The simple Scandinavian style building is ideal for both working and socialising. The narrower wing has been designed for an intimate office or gaming zone. While the alternative wing is wider with a large picture window framing garden views a key contemporary feature of this design. The roof light will keep the corner space bright while framing the sky view.

Windows have been chosen to frame garden views. This creates more wall space inside enhancing the look of a home style building. There are more options for more shelves, storage or artwork.

No planning permission required as interior floor space is under 25m2.


23.5m2 Interior

28m2 Exterior


8.3m long 

4.8m long on wider side

2.4m long on smaller side


Cost for the Universal

€42,000 Inc. VAT

Floor plan

Specification Details