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Garden Rooms


Garden Rooms


Garden Rooms


Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

At Zen Space we design and construct gardens rooms which are fully functioning outdoor buildings.

Our garden rooms range from pre-built maintenance free structures to function made for their everyday needs to bespoke rooms crafted from natural materials designed for specific individual tastes and desires. We provide a service to Dublin and surrounding counties and not Nationwide at present.



Our services

Modular Rooms - Maintenance Free

We are proud to present our ready made designs. 


Nordic Rooms - Passive Structures

Modern and beautiful.

Bespoke Rooms - Custom Made

Unique designs made to fit your needs.

ZEN SPACE – Modular Maintenance Free Range

We have managed to combined unique design with maintenance free materials to create this range of garden rooms.

Pre – built modular structures are created off site ready for delivery and installation. Rigid steel frames with a maintenance free composite exterior make these rooms built to last in any weather conditions.

Whether for recreational home fun with the family or for a calm work space our range of contemporary outdoor rooms will improve your quality of life. These rooms are lifted into place by a crane. Conditions for a small crane onsite will apply.

Bespoke design for our custom made garden rooms

We can design any room to any design idea. From concept ideas to a 3D model you will see your garden room come to life complete to scale with 3D realistic computers renders.

The location of the room will be essential so it can fit perfectly into your garden. All elements within the garden are considered when choosing location and the rooms will be designed to maximise sunlight or shade!


Deisgn is what separates us from our competitors. We know about gardens and therefore are in a unique position to offer a garden room service.

Our head designer Kevin Dennis has years of knowledge of designing gardens for his clients. He is very aware of the needs of clients and how to create well balanced designs in any situation.

He has designed our garden rooms to blend into gardens while understanding how to maximise light and space. There are many principles of garden design and these have been taken into consideration while designing our structures. Carefully chosen glass panels create picture views of each garden and also allow more indoor wall space to furnish the room.

Minimal cleanlines on the exterior design creates a Scandinavian feel which is uncomplicated, stylish and helps to blend the rooms with trees and planting creating very interesting and inspiring gardens here is Ireland.

Garden Design Service

Garden design plans can be drawn to create a perfect garden to include your garden room perfectly into position. Planting can both compliment the building or disguise it’s presence. The well thought out colour choice of materials on our structures compliment most garden spaces.

Garden Design Service is an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission to install a garden Room?

You can install a garden room with up to 25Sqm of interior floor space without planning permission. So most rooms will be exempted from planning under Class 3 of the General Exempted Development provisions of the planning regulations.

What are the terms of payment?

Three stage payments

  • 30% Deposit
  • 30% when foundations are complete
  • 40% when room is delivered.
What is your exterior cladding made from?

We have two types of cladding composite and timber. 

1. Timber cladding – Black Charred Larch Timber.

By using the ancient Japanese Technique of ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ to weatherproof and preserve the timber it is burnt to a black charred timber finish. We use this look to create our minimal Scandinavian design look. This finish can fit perfectly into garden designs and becomes an ideal backdrop for planting. 

We can also finish our timber structures in Cedar cladding as this is always a popular option.

2. Composite Cladding

For a maintenance free option we have composite cladding. 

Who will build the garden rooms?

Zen Space staff will build all bespoke and timber structures on site. The average build time will be two weeks onsite. Our modular maintenance free range will come prebuilt and lifted on site with a crane.

What type of windows and door do you use?

We install PVC double glazing and  Aluminium double or triple glazing on request.