Nordic timber Passive Room Details

Nordic Range

Made from high quality natural materials with minimal clean lines design and craftmanship these rooms will function perfectly for any activity from work to play in your home lifestyle. Designed to last the test of time this style will fit ideally in Irish gardens allowing planting and other garden elements to compliment the garden room design. With 150mm of insulation these rooms will be warm and comfortable in the Irish climate. Available in two colours.


–          Aluminium double glazed windows and doors with argon gas.

–          150mm insulation. 100 Kingspan plus 50mm insulated plasterboards.

–          Foundations – Steel supports for tensile strength fitted on concrete pads. Based on a clear level site.

–          Interior finish with painted rendered walls and ceiling fitted with laminate flooring

–          PIR roof insulation

–          Energy saving 2kw heater.

–          Electrics – Room fully fitted with lighting and power sockets. Four downlighters and six on larger rooms. Four power sockets with USB chargers and six on larger rooms.

Four black downlighters on the exterior of the building

–          Exterior cladding charred Larch which is a Japanese Technique of ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ to weatherproof and preserve the timber it is burnt to a black charred finish.

Western red Cedar cladding also available.

Two sides cladding designed for a corner location. Other two sides will be PVC cladding for low maintenance. If the room is in a centre location timber cladding can be fitted on other sides at an extra cost.

–          Roof Water proof

Roof water proof details –

RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond is a hot air-weldable waterproofing membrane with a synthetic rubber (EPDM) base.

RESITRIX® SKP is the first partially self-adhesive 3-in-1 waterproofing membrane. It combines a waterproofing section, a vapour pressure equalisation section and a movement compensation section in a single layer.

Certified service life of more than 50 years and also named the only product of its kind for joining seams (according to a study conducted by the German Plastics Centre)

100% leak-tight welded seam with a simple visual inspection

Sustainable (EPD certified and DGNB compliant)


Note – There may be an extra electrical cost for our electrician to hook up the cable from the room to the fuse box in your home. As the locations vary in most situations. The room will be fully fitted with all electric fittings and fuse box and we will run a cable from the room to the house.